Room Raid

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Room Raid picture

This week we had a room raid and things got pretty hectic. the *** brothers rushed into their pledges dorm in the middle of the night and started tearing shit up. no remorse no regret these bad motherfuckers were pretty much destroying the room like rock stars at a five star hotel. anyhow soon after the room was upside down the brothers pulled out a dildo and started slapping the pledges around like bitches. things got a little silly when the pledges had top slap each others asses while laying on each others laps. But shit got real once they pledges were given an ultimatum. suck a dick or get the fuck out. and sure enough these poor wanna be frat boys got on that knob like corn on the cob! lol this one is pretty amusing so don’t miss it!

Andrew Markus Wants To Be Fucked

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Andrew Markus Wants To Be Fucked picture

Andrew Markus, 20, 5’11” is gay; aren’t we all?! Anyway, he’s actually AJ’s cousin and wanted to “cum” here to have a straight guy fuck him. No such luck today; the guy I hired flaked, but Andrew can make good use of our time and get naked, not a bad deal. When discussing the couple of straight guys he has had, seems like Andrew knows what he likes, “straight guys just take charge and know how to fuck.” My, I’m getting a bit of a “chubby” as he plays out the encounters for us. Stripping down, he does have the same build as AJ: toned, twink, smooth, and a well put together package. Today I’ll have him jerk, then come back for more; I always keep a handy list of straight “go to” guys. Lubed up and stretched out on the couch, Andrew tugs and moans as he focuses on his own pleasure; I can’t help but notice, he actually masturbates like AJ too. I’m really liking his body; as he starts to breathe heavier, his legs spread wide and he fingers himself. I always love a “self-starter” and Andrew is a very cute guy; his ass is nice and perky with just a bit of bounce to it. Getting closer, he plunges his finger back in and “fucks” himself very nicely. With a “last gasp,” Andrew blows is creamy load all over his hand. Seeing if he’ll want to come back to have a straight guy fuck him, Andrew gives me a wide-eyed “yes.” Ah, the things I do for these boys!

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Outdoor Bisexual Threesome

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Outdoor Bisexual Threesome picture
Horny bisexual guys let this pretty babe join them in pampering eager dicks outdoors Watch the preview movies now

Tony Climbs Mt. Felipe

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Tony Climbs Mt. Felipe picture

Out splashing around, Felipe and Tony begin to mess around. In the bandana, and topping today, is Felipe; here to dry him off and bottom, is Tony. The two make short work of the water, creating their own fun, back at the house. As these boys know, “fun is where the tongue meets the shaft.” Felipe goes down on Tony first, then Tony “springs” Felipe free and swallows all he can. They trade off again, before Felipe bends down and “tenderizes” Tony’s hole. Legs up in the air and ready to receive all of Felipe, Tony hops on top and “traverses” the pole. Rocking up into Tony, Felipe pounds away. Both Latinos like this pairing, as “big cock, meets tight hole.” Kissing and grinding, the pair share sensations and take their experiences to a “hole” new level. “Cum” on back and watch these two finish what they started, each other.

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Introducing Kyler

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Introducing Kyler picture

Forget the nerdy voice and the lack of any edge whatsoever. This guy is a fucking slut. I mean he was all business from the get go. Sure he was kind of awkward and dressed like the discount section at American Apparel. But man could he suck a dick. And take a dick too. Not only did his tight little ass love receiving a pounding but he was a very appreciative little cum guzzler to.

Anal Sex In The Woods!

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Anal Sex In The Woods! picture

In this weeks Out In Public were out in the woods and by the looks of things people were having a party in here the tents and all the condoms on the grass sure does make me believe that they were having a good time. We run into this one guy that we came across and he was really nice and I can tell that he was still really horny and he spotted this guy that was butt naked and still a sleep out on his tent and he decided to go introduce himself by inserting in this guys ass while he was a sleep you would think that this guy would be upset over it but not these two got it on right after he wakes up and realizes what was up his butt the action was amazing and it was out in the open for the whole world to see.

Elijah A&Silvester horny guy gets fucked

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Elijah A&Silvester horny guy gets fucked picture
Silvester started making passes at his handsome dark roomy craving for his tasty straight ass. Before he knew it, Elijah A was kissing that gay trickster on the mouth and munching on his manmeat before going for mutual oral fun on that luxury king-size bed. Finally both naked and horny, the guys went for dirty gay cornholing with the hetero boy getting his backdoor slammed and jizzed..
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So You Don’t Bottom?

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So You Dont Bottom? picture

This week Ricky came to see me. He was a strong energetic guy looking to get into porn. So I gave him a chance and told him to whip his dick out and get hard for me. After a few minutes of him flailing away at his limp noodle I got bored. So I resorted to my usual methods of entertainment, bending him over the desk and mercilessly pounding his virgin asshole. That’s right I said virgin.

Jacob Griffin

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Jacob Griffin picture

Accounting Major Jacob Griffin is here to add to his “cash flow.” This straight student has never been with a guy; girls are his thing. At 5’4″ and 130, he’s small, but packing nicely. As a newbie, I’ll have him do a solo and then get him back with possibly, Andrew. Jacob’s a bit of a horn-dog, jacking off up to three times a day. While he does his thing, the porn I picked seems to be working fast; Jacob strips down and keeps on tugging. Stretched out and erect, his short frame contrasts well with his cut cock and happy trail. I imagine Andrew will be very happy with this boy. “Helping” Jacob out, his cock feels great, and reacts well to another hand; I’m just checking that he won’t freak out; it’s part of my job and one of the perks. Taking back over, Jacob really knows what turns him on and doesn’t mind showing us; the legs go up and his furry pink hole looks inviting. His fuzzy balls and very stiff cock pulsate to the slightest touch. Jacob gives an “oh yeah” and goes faster. Using both hands, encasing his cock much like a vagina, he doesn’t go too much longer. With a bit of spit and a “fuck yeah,” Jacob releases and gasps. This straight boy is about to make Andrew very happy.

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Having A Piece of Peace

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Having A Piece of Peace picture

Being a betting man, I’d say two guys fool around, and both “will cum” for Travis will top and Jason’s the lucky bottom. Travis seems to be a natural at getting what he wants, as he directs the bottom’s hand to his cock. The two kiss deeply, both rising to the occasion. Travis goes down on Jason; “that feels good” is all the smiling boy gets out before he starts gasping. By the time Travis pulls of his drawers, Jason takes the cock in like its Thanksgiving. Travis then has Jason “spread his drumsticks” and goes to town. By the time this pair blows, we’re all gonna be feasting.

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Bobby Failed Us!

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Bobby Failed Us! picture

This weeks submission comes from the boys at ***, Bobby is a pledge in this frat and he failed one of his major exams, as punishment the brothers decided to put him and his roommates through hell for letting him fail. They stripped them down oiled them up and had them wrestle naked in an all out brawl. The winner of the match was given a special surprise, That surprise was a cock in his mouth. sounds hars but its better than what the losers got. The losers had to fuck each other while the head brother watched. Talk about getting it bad.