Pledge Dog Show By S**

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Pledge Dog Show By S** picture

The S** frat decided to put their pledges through a dog show routine. They were stripped down and made to wear a leash and collar. They had to do tricks and prance around wiggling their asses and cock. After some dildo fetch, the boys had to show how far they were willing to go to get in, even if it meant a 3 day in front of the brothers.

Rusty VS Gregliath

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Rusty VS Gregliath picture

Hey Guys, Rusty here. Today I had this big bottom named Greg come in for an audition. This guy is HUGE I mean body wise. Anyway he started off a little up tight but once I got some of my good cock in him he loosened up a lot both literally & energy wise Rusty VS Gregliath picture ……. I really enjoyed pounding his little asshole because I’ve never been with such a tall guy before. Shit just thinking about that ass is getting my dick hard all over again, I think I might call him for some more action tonight….

Hard Fucked Bi Fucking Lynn Lemay

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Hard Fucked Bi Fucking Lynn Lemay picture
Busty Lynn Lemay gets her pussy fucked after fucking a horny blonde bisexual man Click here to watch the movies

Eric Martin Blows Off Some Stream

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Eric Martin Blows Off Some Stream picture

Studying hard, Eric Martin feels stressed and needs to blow off some “stream.” Peering at some porn, what else is a laptop for, he quickly switches to “shifting his gear,” and stroking one out. Looks like “Cal. State’s” going to have to wait as this guy has some fun before getting some work done. Panning up his toned body to his nice hairy chest, Eric is my kind of student; I think his “Champion” underwear says it all. As he pulls out his meaty-sized cock, this hottie is working with more than just a pencil. Rubbing his shaft on his thigh, he comes up quickly and goes to his knees. As he jerks, his eyes glaze and he throw back his (other) head, rolling his cock against his happy trail; he is indeed worth studying. Legs spread, he settles into a nice rhythm and “works hard” on himself. By the time Erick bursts, the guys on the porn have blow, as have I. A cream-filled stomach is laydened and our student is happy with his “marks,” as are we.

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Anal Sex At The Public Park!

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Anal Sex At The Public Park! picture

In this weeks Out In Public were hanging out with our good friend Chris and he is very horny so were walking around the park and he spots this guy in some type of shelter so he sneaks his way in and is really turned on by this guy so we approach the guy and at first he was not having any of it but you know how it goes eventually he agreed obviously he liked my friend and these two got it on on the park for the world to see and let me tell you guys that there were people enjoying the show lol. I hope you all enjoy this update, Stay Tuned.

Jimmy Ellis: I’m Here To Film Porn

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Jimmy Ellis: Im Here To Film Porn picture

Jimmy Ellis is a great 22 year old. Laid back and “really horny,” he’s here to bust a nut for Yep, he knows it’s gay porn, but says that when he checked, it pays better and you get to have more scenes; this straight boy is in it for the dough. Keeping an open mind, he’s 5’8″ and 145, single and smart enough to get my “old” jokes. He likes porn and dope; seems the more he smokes, the more he jerks; I like this guy. Comparing his jerking to a nice meal, I think we’re all going to feel satisfied after he’s done. Damn, feeling generous, Jimmy takes down his underwear and pulls apart his cheeks; a very nice hairy pink hole is calling my name…ah, if only. Asking about his dick size, he says he’s average, but girls comment on his thickness. As he lies back and “grows,” I see this boy has got masturbating down to a rhythm. “Thwacking” his balls against his legs, Jimmy stops just long enough for some hot moaning, and then goes back to it. His tight, twink body starts to stiffen and redden as he adds some inches. I offer up a Fleshjack and he goes after it for a bit; damn, he’s got some endurance. Back to his “five-fingered friend,” Jimmy moans more intensely as he finishes the deed. As he cums, and he does cum a lot, his body gives one last taught flex and then spasms in repose. I joke that I forgot to record, Jimmy asks if he can have 30 minutes and then go again; got to love these young guys. He’ll be back for some dick sucking and whatever else I can get him into.

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Arnold A&Herman A kinky boy gets fucked

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Arnold A&Herman A kinky boy gets fucked picture
Herman A begins making passes at Arnold A as they launch into kissing and necking on the rich vintage looking settee. After that the gay guy peels off the lad’s orange pants and wraps his lips around his boyish stiffening cock before giving him a taste of his meat. After some sixty-nining the men switch to anal with the dirty fag lifting his legs up, taking it up in doggystyle and going for a ride..
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Men Enjoying Anal Sex In Public!

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Men Enjoying Anal Sex In Public! picture

In this weeks Out In Public update we have our good friend and we are waiting for a hot guy to pass by but this place is pretty empty until this cute guy passes and it was short talk I can tell that he really liked my friend so this two start going at it right there infront of everyone until people started to notice and we had to go to another location and thats where the fun really began! I hope you all enjoy this update, stay tuned!

The Verse of Travis Gunn

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The Verse of Travis Gunn picture

Oh the things Travis Gunn will do for money, and a dick, for This 20 year old Midwest guy likes porn and doing things outdoors. Chatting us up about his first time, Travis is now verse, but really likes to bottom; a “hole” after my own cock. As I film, and he removes his shirt, he is a fit boy with a good bit of hair, front and backside. Once his underwear are where we want them, on the floor, we see his nice, uncut cock; he says he jacks off multiple times a day. After I “regroup,” I let him do his thing. Wanting to “try something a bit more,” Travis has me help him out, by going in. As he tastes, this boy has been practicing for porn, and it shows. Sliding those nice soft lips over my shaft, he definitely is into guys. With multiple cameras, I try and capture all the sensations; needless to say, Travis is a great bottom. Getting comfortable with my girth, he “rocks” back onto me and grabs the sheets. Travis is a moaner, and I do like that in a boy, especially while I’m in him. Turing him over, we both admit, this “feels so fucking good.” As Travis jerks, I pull out and bust onto his groin; what can I say, 20 years old asses do it for me. Going back in, just to help Travis, he says, “I’m gonna cum,” and does so, in nice heavy streams. Yep, Travis is on his way, at least that’s the way I “gauge” it.

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The Eager Beaver

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The Eager Beaver picture

Ahhh I love my job. Today I had another guy wanting to be in porn, and I was happy to give him a try. He was happy to be my bottom for 30 minutes or so. He sucked my cock for a bit, and he was pretty good and eager about it, but we really just wanted to get down to fucking, and I gave it to him good in my office. He went home happy with a patented butter load, and I went home happy with some drained balls. He will definitely never be in porn, but oh well.

Straight Guys Tricked By ***

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Straight Guys Tricked By *** picture

This week’s Haze winner features a birthday surprise the *** frat gave one of their pledges Brad on his birthday. Brad was surprised while sleeping in his dorm. The brothers came in singing Happy Birthday and told him they had a killer surprise for him — but he had to be blindfolded first. Brad knew they got him a stripper but what Brad didn’t know was the gender of the stripper. The face Brad made when his hand touched Ramon’s (the stripper’s) cock was priceless! Things got shitty quick for Brad. The brothers began to haze him yelling at him calling him scum and a worthless waste of space, and that the only way he would be allowed to even begin to gain their respect was if he gave Ramon some head and maybe some cock in the butt.