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An Investor Calls – BTS

This was one of the most challenging, creative story based productions that we\'ve ever embarked on, our 5 day schedule was absolutely crazy! It was nice to return to doing this kind of location based movie, with a bit more production knowhow under our belts and a killer story line in tow, we couldn\'t fail! We had all 5 cast members come and stay for the week in a secret country location. It was predicted and organised to be on a sunshine week, however being in the UK, our weather is unpredictable. We are a small island and whether we like it or not, we get a lot of it! Meaning we shot some semi-outdoor scenes in the absolute pissing rain! Umbrellas over cameras and away we went. Wether, complications and tight schedules aside this was a bloody delight to shoot, hang out with the boys every night like a little porn family. Check it out for yourselves.

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