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Brent Taylor

Our extra kinky, bisexual super bottom - Brent Taylor in all his arse stretching, cum spewing action. Brent\'s kinda straight and casually comes out with truths like - \'\' I fuck girls and men fuck me\'\' - mmmm kinky, twisted ( and yes you\'ll be watching later for the first ever time he fucks a man EVER! we were there!) but for now sit back, unzip and marvel at this anally obsessed cutie as he plays with his foreskin, samples a load of jock straps - his favourite attire, that show off his lovely, fuzzy, hard butt cheeks, he then plays with a gob-smackingly-huge dildo - his favourite toy. He\'s a broad, muscular, bearded lad with an uncut dick and enough kinks to make your hair curl and your cock stiffen.

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