Cumeating Cuckolds

Brute Club & Brent Taylor

Down by the trash dumpsters - where else - Brute Club is taking out the rubbish when he runs into Brent Taylor - \'\'you live in this block\'\' Brent asks ..... berdoing ! The guys are stripping off back at Brent\'s flat, and when greedy-bottom Brent ( our sexiest and most bi, bisexual) pulls down Brute\'s slightly too tight pants, the pushy bottom\'s eyes are out on stalks. TEN uncut inches all to himself, wowzer ! Brent strips him down and sucks on that juicy, veiny, two-hander of uncircumcised cock like there\'s no tomorrow, he tries valiantly to deep throat it, but its just too big - luckily this tanned, handsome hunk has got one hole that can accommodate it with only a little grunting and straining... its in. The two handsome boys are fucking like pistons with Brent pushing back for every delicious inch as Brute pushes him forward and says \'\'right up to the nuts you fucking slut\'\'. Doggy is deep, but our top wants to see Brent grimace as the uncut meat slides in so Brent rolls over and lifts his legs before, Brute slides backwards and with Brent on top riding his monster meat to a shuddering, splatter cummy climax - its not over. We LUV spunky Brute\'s handsome face, ripped body and magnificent dick but most of all we luv LUV luv it when he cums in a handsome face....and so does he!

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Cumeating Cuckolds
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