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GRAPPLD 2 – Round 2

Boy do we gave a treat for you here! Real life couple Endo Black and Colin White in their first sex scene ever! They\'re doing it together, BF vs BF. Not only that, we\'ve chuckled them in the wrestling pool and filled it full of red lube to boot! The guys psyche each other out, stare each other down and can\'t wait to step into that pool and work out any relationship issues! Cute but determined Colin has a stony stare, straight through Endo. Endo\'s a bit bigger, older, he thinks he\'s got this one down as he smirks at his intensity. In the pool, down to their knees and head to head. Let\'s get GRAPPLD! Crash! Both guys grab at each other in a deafening slap and then the tousle starts. It\'s touch and go for a moment but Endo has the advantage, tipping Colin over and onto his back in the thick red goop!

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