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Jacob Steele & Freddy Richmond

Oh YIKES, poor Freddy Richmond\'s eyes were bigger than his belly, he assured us he could take nine, long, throbbing, warm, inches of uncut cock, but as he unzipped Jacob\'s bulging pants and saw that fat, piece of meat flap up and slap Jacob\'s lean, smooth belly - he suddenly realised the enormity of the task in hand ( soon to be in mouth and in ass!) Jacob\'s a skinny, cute English lad with an almost freakishly oversized cock and he luvs showing it - its total boy-bait. Freddy\'s eager to suck it and tongue that impressive foreskin, tentatively peeling it back to lick the bulbous head of Jacob\'s rigid dick before licking up an down the length of the shaft. The boys kiss and snog passionately, then Freddy can put it off no longer and Jacob turns him around to lick his tight, teen-hole, getting it good and spit slick for his tool. Its a struggle at first but once our eager bottom boy has relaxed around the over-sized cock he\'s pushing back and riding it like a pro. Get ready for that cum shot sonny!!

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