Martin Dajnax & Marek Rado

Two hunky lads, two uncut cocks, one massage table, there\'s only one way this is going. Martin luvs to feel the oiled, muscular skin under his talented hands, Marek is appreciating his touch and though he\'s pretty much straight, he can\'t resist much longer. Martin won\'t tell, no one will know....give in to temptation and a talented touch. As Martin rubs around and around to centre on that stiffening, uncircumcised dick ...both gents know its inevitable, Marek could still say \'no\' but with that cock at almost full attention its time to kick the ball into the back of the net and Martin slowly lowers his head and opens his mouth.... Martin\'s looking forward to servicing that stiff dick and tasting this hunks cum, but Marek wants more and its not long before he\'s bending over, spreading his arse and bracing himself for a stiff length and a good, hard, ruthless fucking!

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