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Andrew Markus Wants To Be Fucked

Andrew Markus Wants To Be Fucked

Andrew Markus, 20, 5’11” is gay; aren’t we all?! Anyway, he’s actually AJ’s cousin and wanted to “cum” here to have a straight guy fuck him. No such luck today; the guy I hired flaked, but Andrew can make good use of our time and get naked, not a bad deal. When discussing the couple of straight guys he has had, seems like Andrew knows what he likes, “straight guys just take charge and know how to fuck.” My, I’m getting a bit of a “chubby” as he plays out the encounters for us. Stripping down, he does have the same build as AJ: toned, twink, smooth, and a well put together package. Today I’ll have him jerk, then come back for more; I always keep a handy list of straight “go to” guys. Lubed up and stretched out on the couch, Andrew tugs and moans as he focuses on his own pleasure; I can’t help but notice, he actually masturbates like AJ too. I’m really liking his body; as he starts to breathe heavier, his legs spread wide and he fingers himself. I always love a “self-starter” and Andrew is a very cute guy; his ass is nice and perky with just a bit of bounce to it. Getting closer, he plunges his finger back in and “fucks” himself very nicely. With a “last gasp,” Andrew blows is creamy load all over his hand. Seeing if he’ll want to come back to have a straight guy fuck him, Andrew gives me a wide-eyed “yes.” Ah, the things I do for these boys!

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