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Cum See the Magic of Willy & Jacob

Cum See the Magic of Willy & Jacob

Jacob’s back, “awkward.” He’s here with Willy and neither are going to be blown by a girl today. Look, for $300 each, they can imagine boobs and long hair. Down for doing one another, I put on some porn; Willy says he needs “some pussy in my face.” Stripped down, Jacob goes first and swallows Willy; okay, maybe not fully, but this is all new to him. Damn, Willy’s got a nice long one, but he must be bad with names; he just keeps calling Jacob, “deeper.” Oh shit, Jacob’s tongue ring has things up and going. Getting comfortable takes a bit, but I just keep filming; yep, Straight Rent Boys. Squatting, Willy continues to give direction as to what he wants. I see him tugging at something in Jacob’s underwear; this is where “the magic happens.” All it ever really takes is guys that are horny, “easy peasy.” Now if Jacob can just focus on using his tongue ring, Willy’s going to be “off” in no time; he just needs more practice. Willy takes over tugging while Jacob does a bit of “ring around” the sack, and nips. The two lock lips as their arousal grows, as does Jacob’s dick. Watching some cooch, Willy gets close and starts gasping. With Jacob lying beside him, Willy gives an “okay” and shoots to his chest. Now, it’s Jacob’s turn; let’s see if he can remember Willy’s name.

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