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Jay & Ryan Barebackin’ 2

Jay & Ryan Barebackin 2

Done with Ryan’s hole, Jay lies back and has the bottom service him. These Straight Rent Boys do take “servicing” to a whole new level. Up on his knees and with a mouth to please, Ryan takes great direction from Jay, “suck that dick.” Lapping it up, like a puppy dog, Ryan sure has a mouthful of meat; Jay helps out by thrusting up into Ryan’s throat. “Damn,” comments Jay as his partner goes ball deep, from top to shaft, and back again. Got to say, no one sucks better than a satisfied bottom; looks like the boy is getting hard again while blowing. Jay then takes over stroking his cock while Ryan does more “worshiping” of this tatted guy. Fuck being fed a cock like that is a joy to film, as well as watch. After some much reciprocal tongue action, Ryan lies back for more sucking; Jay makes sure his partner is comfortable before he has him swallow again. The two work together to get Jay off; both enjoying the experience. Showing his more aggressive side, Jay grabs Ryan’s hair and “jerks” him back and forth, something Ryan thoroughly relishes. “Ah yeah, damn,” says Jay about Ryan’s oral abilities; shit, I think that boy’s going to need some “Ben-Gay” after making “Jay’s day.” To give him some rest, Jay takes over jerking and Ryan focuses on the ball sack; these two do have some great chemistry and filming has been fun. Ryan requests the cum to be shot onto his face; again, got to love a good bottom. Getting close, Jay pulls back and fires a thick load of splooge that goes from eyebrow to chin; hungrily, Ryan sucks up the excess from Jay’s head. Checking with both guys, each is happy with the experience, as are we.

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